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Monday, April 27, 2009

2 moons Castle Sieges - What you need to know

Castle Siege: Learning your role

Thanks to greyw1z from the 2moons forums (Acclaim)

An average Castle Siege can easily be divided in 2 main parts: Pre-Gates and Post-Gates (see picture). The first part consist in all the events that take place before the South gate and at least one of the other 2 gates (West and East) are broken, once this happen the second part starts.

Over the entire siege the defending guild has the edge (better teleport system, easier goals, etc), therefore, on the Pre-Gates part the attacking guilds should work together, and under no circumstances attack each other, otherwise, there would be a huge waste of time that only benefits the controller of the castle (this is if the guilds actually want to win and not to help the defending guild to keep control).

How to not attack each other in the first part?
The guilds that participate on siege are known on Wednesday night, so the leaders of the participant guilds have 5 days to talk to each other and make an agreement of peace until the gates are broken (even if they are KOS), then is a free for all.

In siege you must hold control to attack other attacking guilds, so there is no “oops my bad” excuse. After all, everyone wins from this alliance.

Some of the roles for the first part are:

Mages & Staff Summoners: The Supporters
Their main function as ranged attackers with Magic attack (Gates are immune to Magic attacks) is to hit the defenders that are attacking your tanks, and the ones melee classes can’t reach. Example:

The other thing they could do is to attack gates with their non-magical-attacks (the Summoners could switch to Twin Blade and Mages could use Uzer Gain or Aqua Circle), but this role is far in importance from the main. Everything else they do (like a random Imitid Flash or Palpus to another attacking guild) would result in help to the defending guild.

TB Summoners, Knights, Bagis: The Physical Damage Dealers

These ones play the most important job by far: they must destroy the gates as soon as possible. You only must attack gates, nothing else, if someone else is attacking you ignore them, killing those are the job of the Supporters. The description of your work is basically: 1) Run to gate 2) Attack 3) Die & Reborn, repeat all over again, pretty easy in theory.

Segnales, Hunters: The Hybrids

These are the versatile classes. Segnales should play both roles, Curse Field the defenders out of melee range and do Physical damage to gates (healing plays a tertiary role, buffs are important though).
Hunters can play any role, if your guild is lacking of Mages and/or Staff Summoners, they got to help killing the defenders out of melee range, if the guild is lacking of (physical) damage dealers, they should attack gates. On a semi even circumstance, Hunters should attack gates.

First gate was a piece of cake but the other 2 takes years!

Empirically, I have seen that the East and West take a lot of more time to break than the first gate, but mostly if because of players mistakes as well:

No Soloing

This is not a race, you don’t win anything to get to the gate first and die seconds after, and going alone to a gate will only get you killed faster. Regroup: All the members of your party meet at some point (not in the entrance, in case some noob is spamming Aoe’s) and go to the same gate at the same time, always respecting the roles of course.

Play smart

There are some factors you have to take into account when choosing which gate to go:
-Gate remaining HP.
-Defenders and attackers at the Gate.

If one gate is about to be destroyed, ALL the GUILDS should go there and finish it, take a statue and ignore the other gate for the rest of the game.
If the West Gate has a full party of Mages and Hunters defending it and the one in the East has 1 Bagi and people from the other guilds attacking guilds are running to that gate, don’t try to be a hero, go to the one with more chances to be attacked and destroyed.

Learn from your deaths

If your party got crushed 3 times in a row by 6 Curse Field from Segnales with +7’s 130 Whips, are you going to go again with no changes? Of course not, get some resistance and go again, this time you will have the advantage.

Woooot, we’re inside, now what!?

Every guild has their own strategy. In my opinion, the best one is:

After guild takes control of a guardian stone (your favorite one), The entire guild must rush and attack another stone, no one must defend, the reason is because the stones have 5 minutes of invulnerability. After 5 minutes passed one Physical Damage Dealer should attack the stone until it has 42% left, a little less than half bar (So even if an enemy guild does the rest of the damage and gets the 15% bonus for last hit, you will keep control of stone). After guardian stone has a little under half bar left, everyone must continue conquering other statues.

After you got enough statues (at least 3), EVERYONE must meet at Juto, and AFTER everyone is there, start to empathize.

Don’t rush the empathize

The penalty for stopping communication with Juto is huge, you lose a random stone, which removes you some buffs and increase your respawn time. It’s important to wait until the guild has enough stones and everyone is at Juto or blocking the entrances to Juto to start to empathize. My favorite block spot is this.

There are plenty of others tactics; some more controlish, others more aggressive.

Also, is important to note that guardian stones shall not be taken in a random order; each one adds a special effect to the member and this has to be taken into consideration, also the location of the guardian stones play a HUGE factor when deciding what stone to pick first.

Other common mistakes:

Warm Chocolate Pudding:

Killing the other guilds in the spawn point doesn’t increase your charisma at all, just makes you look lame. Got to admit it is a great source of help to the defending guild though…

Lack of rules knowledge

Your laziness might cost 50M and 600 adventure points to your guild; I have seen plenty of Mages doing Gracious Eddy to Guardian stones among other atrocities. The Guides are quite short, just read them:

General guide

After reading the guides you should be able to answer questions like: What happens after a Stone is taken? What happens if I lose communication with Juto? How long is the respawn time if I control 3 guardian stones?

Lack of preparation

Siege is not just another Dead Front since there are only 2 sieges you can play per month (unless you have characters on both servers and both are high levels). You should be prepared for a whole hour of action, some of my personal suggestions are:

-Take all your resistance there (if you don’t have, make some sets and buy necks).

-If some part of your gear or weapon sucks or you just broke it, try to get one lent from a friend just for Siege.

-Use all the consumable items you need (the ones from Dead Front or North Ares).

-Buy (or win) an Orphina Seal and Clear Water of the Volcano just for siege, they are awesome. (You can also farm the timed rings from Crespo, some of them have crazy effects and you can wear them with personal item).

-Bring all your personal items (like Dark Eye or the Critical Ring, each one will be useful at some point).

-Buy enough pots for 75 minutes.

-Try to get Ventrilo or Team Speak.

-Meet and know your guildies (guild hoppers have extra work here).

-Know your enemies weakness (Make some class break and level break).

-Minimize your lag (Restart your PC before the Siege, use the lowest graphics, turn ads off, close the other programs, etc).

-Guild HAS to have 50 members for siege, you can go in with less people, but really, FIFTY is the ideal number, get some fillers from your friend list if someone felt sleep or can’t connect, the one with most people always has the advantage.

-Watch previous Sieges.

Have a nice Siege.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quest Guide: Dark Side lvl 1-45

Shaiya is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) created by Sonov Entertainment and published in North America and Europe by Aeria Games and Entertainment. The game is being launched in Europe. A German Open Beta started on the 3rd of December 2008 and a French version started on the 16th of March 2009.

Credit goes to _narmora_ of the Shaiya - Aeriagames forums.

i missed a quest guide for the dark side, when I was playing my first character...

so I started to do one with my second char (HM).
(Perhaps some Quests are only for HM)

You can see/download it as pdf-file:

or if u want to have sorting options or work with the file at your own you can download a xls-file (better u choose 'save target as' per rightklick on the link):

useful link for monster locations to complete the quests:
I hope the owner will forgive me the direct posting. (there was a post somewhere in the forum...)

Belle's Simple Noob Money Making Guide

Gaia Money Making tips for newbies.

Credit goes to Belle of the Gaia Online forums.

Welcome to my money making guide to GAIA! Just follow the steps upon joining Gaia and start your way to riches.

Step 1:Use your bait to catch fish, they will mostly be guppies, but you may get a few bass or even a striper!

Step 2:Goto Ye Ol' Fishin' Hole and sell all your fish. Use that gold to buy 5 more bait.

Step 3:Continue steps 1&2 until you have 2k profit.

Step 4:Buy both Marketplace and trading upgrades.

Step 5:To use the Marketplace, put the items name in quotation marks like this..."ITEM NAME" and select Lowest Buy Price from the drop down menu.

Step 6:Find an item with a sicnificant increase between lowest and next lowest prices and buy it. Sell it for a bit under the new lowest price.

Step 7:When someone buys it, take your money and buy something a bit more expensive and repeat step 6.

Step 8:Repeat this process until you can buy LOTS of things at once and buy all you want. YAY!

9dragons tips

9dragon - mobs to kill for faster leveling

9Dragons Leveling Guide

Compiled from warrior nation and official forums:

Opening Chi:
OC1 (white) Tarantulas near the ruined town towards longmen cavern.
OC1 (black) Tarantulas in the bottom left corner in shi zhang
OC5 (white) big zombies in the ruined town.
OC5 (black) black zombies north of the clan entrance in shi zhang.
OC10 (white) bears. attack from max range with slow spell and run in the opposite direction. northern parts on zhengzhou.
OC10 (black) bears. East of the tarantulas

Revolving Chakra:
RC1 (white) giants. fort in zhengzhou that offers a area of safety to cast from.You will not get hit unless you run out for loot so get what you need and run out for good drops. the safe area there is on the right side as you enter the fort.
RC1 (black) twin brutes but no safe spot to grind from. south of the forest of confucious in shi zhang.
RC4 : Monks/Superior Giants.
RC11 (white) drunken swordsmen in the first parts of the path to Choice of fate. Fast if not slowed. Use para spell.
RC11 (black) drunken swordsmen. same warning - dont run from the swordsmen too far

Raising Light:
RL1 - Raiders in Jinan/Datong (Horse Riders) or Blood Thieves (Wolf Riders)
RL6 - Brown Bears (Regular Brown bears - warriors leave them alone due to damage bug
RL9 - Shadow Disciples, female ones

Five Dragons:
FD1 - Green Toad Demons
FD5 - Axehead Demons and Stoned-skin demons
FD8 - Red Wolves

The B L A D E R Guide - C A B A L Online

Cabal Blader Guide

Thanks to maroons2 of the Cabal forums from E-games PH.

The B L A D E R Guide

Update History:
030209 - The guide was posted
030309 - +7 equipments/weapons added (changed some of the pictures), added duration of buff skills
030409 - added explanation on how the range of BS & LS works, changed/added some pictures, credits section
030509 - added an accessory guide for bladers, converted post#4 as the 3rd page of this guide

The Stats:

  • Str and Dex for bladers give the same attributes, period. Therefore, only 2 types exist, the str/dex type and the int type (if you are out of your mind).

  • Just follow your growth stat requirement and just use int extract potions later.

  • Summarizing this skill rank bonuses table, the total bonuses that a blader will receive at trans/trans are:
  1. Str+96
  2. Dex+192
  3. Int+96
  4. MP+810
  5. HP+810

  • The only category for bladers is whether they are heavy or light.
  1. Heavy types- wears armor set
  2. Light types- wears the martial set

  • Why use armorset? The best reason I think is because of PVP. Armorset gives higher def which is benefitable in PVP.
  • how about martial set? This is the best set for PVE, coupled with blader’s super high defrate, I think we are the best in terms of solo PVE because our survivability is relatively higher compared to other classes.

  • Take note that bladers follow warrior’s stat requirement in terms of armorset. And also, the highest armorset set type that we can wear is up to osmium only because shineguard and mithrilset(WA) is obviously for warriors only.
  • If you’re a good observant, you can see from these pictures that the armorset is only good for PVP when you aren’t lvl99 yet, why?

Osm armorsuit vs Osm martialsuit -> Osm armorsuit (higher def, lower defrate)
Mysticsuit(BL) vs Osm armorsuit -> Mysticsuit (higher def, higher defrate, but lesser slot/options/enchantments)

  • so if you’ll be patient enough to just do PVE till you reach lvl99, you don’t have to settle to armorsuit and be a light type blader all the way (if you dont care in getting crafted/ force enchanted ones).

are you AMAZED by these weapons? Yes, they are amazing including their price tags as well.

4 types of weapons (blade/katana) are used by bladers and each has its own pros and cons:
  • Titanium- has the best upgrades/options/crafts since it’s the lowest weapon among the four, meaning it has the lowest atk and atkrate.
  • Osmium- has good upgrades/options/crafts also and 2slotted types aren’t rare. It’s the most popular weapon, I think.
  • Redosmium- has higher atk and atkrate than osmium, but 2slotted/crafted/with option types is rare.
  • Mithril- the best ofcourse and the dream weapon of everyone. It has the highest atk and atkrate but the rarest (2 slotted types is super rare) and the hardest thing to upgrade (craft,options)

the best advice that I can give is to settle for a good titanium or osmium until you have the alz for a good mithril type (don’t buy unupgraded/unslotted types just for the reason of experience; it’s a waste of money!)

so what shall it be? Katana or Blade? This should be simple
  • Katana- atk rate (requires more dex)
  • Blade- atk (requires more str)
  • But since STR=DEX, stat shouldn’t be a problem.

  • But the difference is so small; in fact, negligible in my opinion, so just go with what gives a better appearance. Many choose katana for its stylish, curved look.
  • But some people makes this issue a little bit complicated, although I don’t want to share to you the recent myths about this 2 weapon, its better that you disprove or prove it to yourselves.
  • Blade- follow the cast time for a given blader skill
  • Katana- “decreases cast time of a skill by some amount” (quoted because it’s NOT PROVEN!)

To summarize the stat requirements of the weapons and equipments:

+6 mithril blade (str-402 int-67 dex-268) atk-165 atkrate-649
+6 mithril katana (str-268 int-67 dex-402) atk-163 atkrate-652
+6 redosmium blade (str-334 int-56 dex-223) atk-126 atkrate-493
+6 redosmium katana (str-223 int-56 dex-334) atk-124 atkrate-496
+7 osmium blade (str-340 int-57 dex-227) atk-126 atkrate-493
+7 osmium katana (str-227 int-57 dex-340) atk-125 atkrate-496
+7 titanium blade (str-256 int-43 dex-171) atk-102 atkrate-398
+7 titanium katana (str-171 int-43 dex-256) atk-101 atkrate-400

+0 mithril suit(BL) (str-351 int-70 dex-351) def-94 defrate-183
+6 mystic suit(BL) (str-278 int-56 dex-278) def-95 defrate-170
+7 osmium martialsuit (str-283 int-57 dex-283) def-91 defrate-154
+6 osmium armorsuit (str-445 int-56 dex-111) def-91 defrate-102

So in making a build for your blader, the best thing to do is to base it on stat requirements of the weapons and equipments that you will wear.

Example build would be (minimum stats):
  1. str- 445(+6 osm armorsuit)
  2. int- 70(+0 mithril suit BL)
  3. dex- 402(+6 mithril katana)

After the lord of war patch, skill grinding for dual transcender at low level isn’t possible anymore.
Certain character level/ class rank should be achieved before skill grinding can be continued which is provided by the table above. Also Change Force skill isn’t available anymore and magic/sword skills will both receive exp whether you use magic or sword skills.

Still, these three are the best in skill grinding when using sword skills.

And any 3 of these for skill grinding using magic.

The Skills

these are the skills that are common to all classes in cabal. I’m not 100% sure about CT and the CD. Did you notice that the AMP for the skills is higher from what is stated before you buy them from the NPCs? It’s because of the AMP bonus

*Whenever you raise a skill level to the next tier, an extra 0.05 AMP will be added to the skill.
Tier 1 ? Lv 1 ? 9
Tier 2 ? Lv 10 ? 12
Tier 3 ? Lv 13 - 15
Tier 4 ? Lv 16 - 18
Tier 5 ? Lv 19
Tier 6 ? Lv 20
Hence, at Level 20, the spell has 0.25 AMP more than when it is Lv 9.

these are the sword skills of the blader. This table doesn’t mean that you get all of them and level them all to 20 because first, at transcender we can only have 21 slots for skills and second, our skillpts are not enough to make them all level20.

Blade Scud and Lightning Slash

What does the orange-colored text in the BL skills Blade Scud and Lightning Slash mean?
Many people are confused over this 1-7 or 1-3 range, thinking that it grants them the ability to cast their skill on a monster from that range.
- Not true.
To get range, there has to be at least 1 additional target between you and the selected target.
Gets? Here are some situations…

Situation 1
- Let's say I want to hit an enemy that is 7 cells away from me. If there is/are no other enemy/ies between me and my target, my BL will walk up to the target at minimum range (being 1) before my skill is casted.

Situation 2
- From the previous situation, if I place an enemy/ies between me and the target enemy at range 7, my character will cast the skill immediately, taking a moment to travel the distance (“walking in the air” effect) and hitting anything along the way till it hits the enemy at range 7.

Any dis/advantage from the 2 situations?
In Situation 1, when you cast Blade Scud at that range, you get 6 hits on it, a full output of damage on the same target.
In Situation 2, when you cast Blade Scud, you get 1 hit per range. By the time you get to the target itself, you only deal 1 hit on it.

In choosing skills, these factors are important to consider:
Down ? A secondary effect that makes a target fall onto the ground.
Knockback ? A secondary effect that knocks the target back and also fall onto the ground.
Stun ? A secondary effect that stuns the monster. It’s ineffective against certain monsters. Duration is reduced against players.
HP down ? A secondary effect that reduces the monster’s HP. It can be resisted by higher-level monsters.
*CT/CD, ability to be spammed or put into combo.
*damage it deals to the receiver.
*limit or area of effect of the skill (4 has the largest aoe).

Buffs are categorized into 6 types and no 2 buffs of the same type can be used until a certain class rank is achieved.

strengthen equips……….aura barrier, natural hiding
strengthen weapon…….blade force*, blade aura*, soul blade*, intense blade
strengthen spirit………….concentration, intuition
strengthen body………….iron skin, regeneration*
strengthen gen atk………mirage step, instant immunity
strengthen atk…………….art of fierceness

*Note: These buffs are evolution skills. You cannot use two of the same kind even if you are already allowed to stack buffs.

*Duration at different levels and rank up quest of:
-Blade Force/Blade Aura/Soul Blade
-Iron Skin
-Mirage Step
-Aura Barrier

*Class Rank Up
Level 10: Combo possible

Level 20: Aura Mode possible

Level 30: Battle Mode 1 possible

Level 40: Buff Time 50% UP
Battle Mode 1 + Aura Mode Possible

Level 50: Board Chain Attack Skill Level 1
Battle Mode 2 Possible

Level 60: Battle Mode 2 + Aura Mode Possible
Board Chain Attack Skill Level 2

Level 70: HP Boost, Max HP UP (Values may vary depending on the Battle Style)
Board Chain Attack Skill Level 3

Level 80: Buff Time 100% UP
Board Chain Attack Skill Level 4

Level 90: Combo accessible in Aura Mode
Training Dummy Restriction Removed
Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 1

Level 100: Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 2
Second storage inventory unlocked

- Promotional Quests for Lv. 110 or higher can be played only those who completed the “War Clouds” Quest group.

Level 110: Battle Mode 1 (Combo accessible), Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 3
* Defeat 200 Bloody Orcs in LakeSide and 30 Blaze Hounds in Volcanic Citadel

Level 120: Buff Time 150% UP, Buff Quantity Limit to 6, Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 4
*Defeat 100 Bloody Ogres in LakeSide and 50 Dark Phalanxs in Volcanic Citadel

Level 130: Battle Mode 1 + Aura Mode (Combo accessible), Buff Quantity Limit to 7
* Defeat 70 Flame Zombie Warriors in Tower Of Dead (B2F) and 150 Ectoleafs in Mutant Forest

Level 140: 2 Identical series of Buff can be used and overlapped, Buff Quantity Limit to 8
* Defeat 80 Durahans in Tower Of Dead (B2F) and 100 Viants in Mutant Forest

Level 150: Buff Time 200% UP, Buff Quantity Limit to 9
* Defeat 80 Death Knights in Tower Of Dead (B2F) and 150 Armaps in Mutant Forest

Level 160: Buff Quantity Limit to 10
* Defeat 40 Vice Felichras in Forgotten Temple (B1f) and 50 Lobatums in Mutant Forest

Level 170: 3 Identical series of Buff can be used and overlapped
* Defeat 30 Groga in Forgotten Temple (B1f) and 50 UMD-02 Cornus in Pontus Ferrum
Congratulations, you are finally Class Rank 18

*Upgrade Skills
Vitality Mastery ? Adds MaxHP
Mana Mastery ? Adds MaxMP
Sharp eyes - Adds ATK rate
Reflex - Adds Def rate
Defensive Sense - Adds Def
Offensive Sense - Adds ATK
Force Control - Adds MATK
Eyes of Mind - Adds ATK rate
Sixth Sense - Adds Def rate
Damage Absorb - Adds Def
Impact Control - Adds ATK
Ruling Force - Adds MATK


The accessories in Cabal have a very big role on what kind of life a player will have. Is he/she going to deal huge amount of damage? Will he/she survive better against his/her opponents? Will he/she be rich in no time?

*For us bladers, we want to give the highest damage as possible to our foes. From our skills, we are known as natural crit dealers, and adding the DB weapons and helms that we can get, IMO I think we should focus on the critical rate especially for the rings and just choose what’s better for the other accessories (So a perfect DB crit dmg increase weapon/helm is what we need). Here’s a list of accessories that I recommend for bladers (I didn’t include “of Seven Coins” set anymore):

Battle Aura

After you complete your level 20 test, you will obtain Battle Aura. Battle Aura has 6 aura codes, ranging from Water, Ice, Fire, Lightning, Earth and Wind. There is no known stat bonus difference between the Aura Codes, so just choose the graphical appearance you prefer.

*Battle Aura can be stacked onto Battle Mode 1 and Battle Mode 2 and can be used in combo after certain class rank is achieved.


After you complete your level 30 test, you will obtain Illusionist. The Illusionist mode is basically an even more powerful version of battle aura. It will give a huge boost on your critical rate and damage.


The Grappler mode turns you into a butt kicking duelist that is a master in the art of 1 on 1 combat. Your swords transform into shiny 3 bladed blue claws. When you activate grappler, most of your skills will be unusable during that time, with the exception of Assault, Double Rising and Blade Scud. During this battle mode, you can attack a single monster with god-like attack speeds, like around 3-5 hits in less than a second.

Crushing Blow

  • Grappler mode also comes with a skill Crushing Blow. When you activate this skill, you leap high into the air, and dive down onto your target. If you deal a critical hit, it is instant death for monsters and people alike. (The victim in the picture is a Reddish Cauda and the blader dealt a damage of Thirteen Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven!).
  • Grappler is thus awesome for PVP, and it’s very effective at taking down hard monsters that have lots of HP. If a full blown Crushing Blow doesn't instantly kill, it has the potential of dealing 10k damage or more.

Skill Build and Skill Combo
*At transcender, we have a total of 21 slots for our sword skills.

GENERAL BUFFS- obviously, their levels should be maxed
#1 Aura Barrier
#2 Soul Blade
#3 Concentration
#4 Iron Skin
#5 Mirage Step

PVP ORIENTED BUFFS- the reason why I said that they’re inclined to PVP more is because of their short duration. Also, all of them except art of fierceness can’t be stacked to the general buffs until lvl 140 quest is finished. Anyways, I’m not prohibiting you to use it in PVE also if you want. Obviously, they should be maxed.
#6 Intense Blade
#7 Intuition
#8 Instant Immunity
#9 Art of Fierceness

DEBUFF- Field of Fear, our only offensive buff.

#10 Field of Fear

SWORD SKILLS- the levels here are the ones that I prefer. Anyways, its level will still depend on the user as usual.
#11 Assault- 18
#12 Vital Interfere- 12
#13 Double Rising- 20
#14 Storm Grind- 20
#15 Twin Moon Slash- 18 (take note that this skill isn’t like assault, you cast it like a range magic skill)
#16 Mirage Grind-20 and/or Blade Cry- 18
#17 Lightning Slash- 9
#18 Blade Scud- 9
#19 Force Kick- 9 (some BLs replace this with assault for them to get both mirage grind and blade cry)
#20 Dash- 9
#21 Fade Step- 9

*I believe that there should be NO single standard combo for all our skills and also for other classes as well. A wise player will not rely on a specific combo all the time because this just gives a hint for the opponent on how to kill the blader.

Alices of forum.cabalonline.com
ionescel of forum.mmosite.com
kayrai of forum.mmosite.com
xanctha/zhaku of forums.e-games.com.ph
my fellow BL

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Leveling Guide for levels 1 to 30 - All factions

Angels Online Leveling Guide for levels 1 to 30 for all factions

Angels Online (or Angel Love Online) is a free-to-play 2D massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Credit goes to Azorio from the Angels Online forum for this guide.

Angel Lyceum:
Levels 1 to 5:
Kill some Lilys and Slarms in West or East Playground, but before talk to Battle Professor, Magic Professor or both to do the quests about killing 10 Slarms (Battle) and 10 Lilys (Magic).

Levels 5 to 10:
Continue doing the quests from Battle Professor and Magic Professor but now choose the 2nd grade quest because you are able to kill some Wind Elves and Water Elves. Be careful with Wind Lord and Water Lord.

Levels 10 to 15:
Now you are able to do the 3rd grade quest from the Battle and Magic Professor, go and kill some Earth Elves and Fire Elves. Be careful with Earth Lord and Fire Lord, the bosses of them.

Now you can talk to Angels' Tutor to graduate but if you want (when you have 15 hour credits) go and talk to Michael and ask him for the Top Student Quest, but I recommend you go with a good team because it will be hard.

Now I will write about leveling in the four different Factions:

Aurora Faction:
Levels 15 to 20:
First kill some Field Mice while you are doing the Chef's quests (near the Field Mice area) then, in level 17 kill some Pumpkins and Jackstraws, but be careful with the bosses of them. Train in Spike Farm killing those monsters until you are level 20.

Levels 20 to 25:
You can kill in two different places in Dawn Harbor or Sunflower Plain. I recommend you Sunflower Plain until you are 22, killing some Magic Pumpkinman (always doing the quests from the NPCs in that scene). When you reach level 22, go to Dawn Harbor to kill some Turtles and Grey Mice, but be careful because killing 2 or more at the same time will be dangerous, then kill some Soldier Crabs until you reach level 25. Remember do the quests from the NPCs in the scene.

Levels 25 to 30:
Go to Riprap Coast and kill some Harp Sheep until you reach level 27 (or 26 if you get bored of them), then with a friend kill some Riprap Pirates until you are level 28 or 29. Now you are able to kill some Piratekins until you reach level 30. When you reached it, go and train in Cherry Village.

Breeze Woods:
Levels 15 to 20:
In Dense Forest kill some Forest Monkeys until you reach level 17, do the quest about killing 20 Forest Monkeys. After that, kill some Wild Lilys and Nest Tree Elves until you reach level 20. Remember do the quest from the NPCs.

Levels 20 to 25:
In Mushroom Forest kill some Red Mushrooms and Mane Boars until you reach level 23 (or 22 if you get bored, but I recommend you reach level 23). Then kill some Purple Mushrooms until you reach level 25, but be careful because they can poison you. I recommend train with a friend.

Levels 25 to 30:
Now return to Dense Forest and go to Cryptic Moon Swamp to kill some ElvesMarsh Frogs and Mud Crabs until you reach level 30. Remember do the quest that NPCs from the scene ask you. When you reach level 30 go and train in Jade Vale with a friend.

Iron City:
Levels 15 to 20:
In Wishing Tear train with some Desert Mice until you reach level 17. Then kill some Ocher Toads and Desert Lizards until you reach level 20. Do the quests that NPCs offer you.

Level 20 to 25:
Go to Scrap Iron Village and kill some Radiant Slarms and Buccinal RobotsFat Robots, but be careful with the boss Turbo Robot. Train there until you reach level 25.

Level 25 to 30:
You have two different places: go to Cactus Plain and kill some Spear Lizardman until you reach level 26, then kill some Plateau Monkeys and Ball Lizardman until you reach level 28. Or go to Burning Desert and kill some Mummys(top left of scene map) until you reach 30. You can continue leveling in Mummys until you reach level 35. Then go to Gebuer Valle. Do the quests that NPCs offer you.

Dark City:
Levels 15 to 20:
In Shadowy Path talk with the NPCs and ask them about quests. Kill Skeletal Rogue until you reach level 16, then kill some Skeletal Sniper and Red-cloth Skull until you reach level 20. If you are bored of killing skeletons, you can kill Evil Cats.. You must remember do the quests in the area.

Levels 20 to 25:
Go to Fungus Forest South and kill some Imps and Paopaos until you reach 22, then kill some Crybabys until you reach level 23. Now, go to Bottomless PitCrowd Wizards until you reach level 24 or 25. If you want you can kill some Frantic Wizards and Fire Mimics with a friend, but be careful with the bosses Wizard Mord, Stunt Lord Abbi and Ancient Elf.

Levels 25 to 30:
I recommend you stay in Bottomless Pit killing Frantic Wizards and Fire MimicsDegula Maze and kill some Little Eyes and One-eyes Bats until you reach level 30. To continue leveling, I recommend you train in Degula Maze until levels 33 or 34. Remember do the quest that the NPCs in the scene ask you.

This guide and more can also be found at www.GAMERCE.com Q&A section

Anarchy Online: Shade Solo Leveling Guide

Shade Solo Leveling Guide for Anarchy Online (general)

Credit goes to the creator of this guide Bladepoint from the Anarchy Online forums.

Level 1-10 (Training Grounds)
Level 5-10 (Frontier Bridge-Chimeras, silvertails etc)
Level 10-18 (Old Frontier i.e. Temple area, cascading spirits great and fast exp)
Level 18-25 (Swamp in Frontier Border Malahs drop spirits, Frontier outskirts)
Level 25-30 (Nasc Swamp- Mountain Cats, wetlands- Hatchlings careful they swarm named Malahs drop Omni Tatts, Nasc Wilds-Cripplers and Prime Hiathians)
Level 30-40 (Crippler Cave non stop action careful of add ons)
Level 35-48 (The Core-Mala Anahs named drop Tatts and DKN, Spiders here can drop Clan Tatts)
Level 38-45 (Nasc Wilds south- Croakers of the Night, again be careful of BAFs I believe there are two named here also)
Level 40-60 (Dungeon in Brawl, 2 Dungeons by Growlers in Crippler tunnel-Scuzzy Weavers, Hiathians, Core Dungeon Kolannas, Spirit Hunters and spirits QL40ish spirits)
Level 50+ (Green Redeemed/Unredeemed Mobs)
Level 65 - 90 (those heckler's level 80 Two Mountain area, borders of wetlands, Steppes of Dispair)

**NOTE as posted here all dungeons in Nasc will be more level specific I will change this once I know the dungeon levels**
***The dungeon by the Lord and Lady has been nerfed down.***

@@@@ New Note, doing missions on Rubi Ka is also a great way to get exp and the armor you might be lacking by not getting Tattoos@@@@

The Lord, Lady and Soul Dredge are all higher level in Temple area beware of them in your teens!

Level 50-65 (Coral rafters great fast exp till 64, Lucent Silvertails near porta Dropped QL44 Spirits no Tatts)
Level 60-70 (Coral Rafters, Hiathlins, spirits near Port Seven Portal area all dropped QL44 Spirits no Tatts)
Level 63-75 (Malahs and Hoathilins in temple of Chants near Redeemed Stone Whispervale, Unredeemed Village there also, lucent silvertails and Kolanna all dropped QL44-52 spirits No Tatts)
Level 70-90 (Shell Beach in NW Ely Mire Rafters, Eremites)
Level 75-110 (Spirit Hunters, Spirits, named spirits all Behind the Temple of Chants, they drop Neutral Tatts, Novictum, patterns and DKNs on occassion along with spirits)
Level 85-90 (Spirits Just a little South, They drop QL66 and 73 spirits)
Level 85-100 (NW Ely near Ergo Insidious Spirits, drop QL66-83 Spirits)

Level 93 - 105 (Spiders found in Ely near Wipserdale)
Level 95-105 (Devourers of life, Chronas Canyon, Entrance to Ergo)
Level 100+ (Bone Dragons)
Level 120-145 (Leteth Dungeon in either temple, I would say 115 would be tough but doable to a point, Visions of the unshakeable, staff of Pelias and embryos drop here. Exp kinda sucks here but the loot for tier 1 makes it worth it) There are also spirits here before you drop down which drop spirits.
Level 125-130 (Named Minxes and Imps by Ergo they also drop DKNs)
Level 150-170 (You can solo a eylsium heckler)

Level 100-110 (Beits near entance, Mossy Girders in Temple Bog these drop Alban glyphs for weapon upgrades also had Insignias drop but very low rate)
Level 120-145 ( Unredeemed mobs in Temple of Roch, Eric Miller Omega Chain is here good luck getting those tattoos, Redemeed mobs in Temple of Scheol)
Level 125-140 (Spiders N of drop off rumors of them dropping QL100-150 Clan Tatts)
Level 130-? (Chimeras near Giants Hoof rumors of DKNs dropping I have not seen one in 50+ kills including Bosses)
Level 165-185 (Both temple Dungeons, which drop embryos at a high rate for T1 armor)
Level 170+ (You can solo a scheol heckler)

level 160-175 - Various dredge camps in adonis (decent solo xp and low chance of getting some nice loot on boss)

level 160-200 - Penumbral spirit hunters at ruins (beware of spirit boss mobs in those camps)
level 170-200 - Various dynacamps in penumbra (a bit more risky than spirit hunters but you can get better patterns IMO)

And soul dredges/spirit hunters are a very nice place for shades to solo. They are mobs with low AR so you can easily take out the whole camp (without boss) at the same time in adonis around level 170

This guide and more is also posted at www.GAMERCE.com Q&A section.

2moons PK guide

2moons simple PK guide - what you need to remember before engaging in PK

This is not a class specific guide or how to kill an enemy in 2moons PK but what you need to know when you want to engage in the 2moons PK server.

A lot of 2moons players like joining PK in 2Moons. The exciting part (and annoying to some) is that it is not only possible to kill other players but also you get punished by it. Here are some details on about PK and also on its consequences:

a) Set your return point to Parka Temple if you are level 60 or less (I am level 59 so I can't talk about what happens next) so if you PK and you are red, at least you'll be able to kill some monster and lower your IP without being attacked by a swarm of PK killers.

b) Use first your strongest attack, use the surprise effect.

c) If the guy is busy fighting other monster (specially a mob) it's even better, he'll get confused and may not realize you are attacking him and not the mob.

d) If he is in a mob makes sure you manage to select him otherwise he may use the mob to protect him from your skills.

e) If you get IP higher than 500 and you die you go to prison. You must wait there (logging off will not help!) until your IP lowers to 500. A possibility is to pay bail but it expensive (1kdil per IP).

f) If someone kills you while you are red you lose 15 IP points.

g) If someone kills your pet while you are red you lose 9 IP points

If you want to PK, you'll be needing more dil (2moons currency). Since I love PK, I do buy dils from in-game currency stores. I would recommend www.GAMERCE.com for your gold needs. I find it cheaper purchasing there since it's a player to player trade.

Dofus leveling guide for f2p players

Dofus general leveling guide for f2p players

Dofus is a free to play game but you have the option to subscribe to maximize your gaming experience. I haven't subscribed to Dofus yet (p2p) so I'm an f2p user. This leveling guide will help you find the best spot for your f2p character.

This guide is meant to be general . Do NOT include leveling spots or techniques that are valid for one or two classes only. I will be posting leveling guides for FREE to PLAY only. This same guide is from Wikia

Level 1 - 15

Free to Play

* Do quests and fight mobs in Incarnam . (You can also go to Astrub and do your class quest to be booted to level 3.)

* From lvl 7-8 Incarnam Dungeon can be a good place for xp.
* Another good place are the gobballs up to level 10

* Some quests in Astrub can be an alternate source for XP
* At level 15, you can choose to continue training in Incarnam (eg. fighting Prepubescent Chafers or Sick Grossewer Milirats ) or move on to Astrub .
* Around level 12, Boars and Prespics are also good.

Level 15 - 20

Free To Play

* Boar and Prespic groups in Astrub Forest (Level 12 Prespics are preferred because they do not camouflage as often).
* Mush Mush mobs. If you have a fire-based character, do not go without 100+ Life.
* Buy or collect Tofu Eggs, Feathers and Arachnee Legs and keep doing the quests in the Underground of Astrub at 6, -19. (Some quests can not be started after a specific level).
* Wild Sunflowers
* If you are still on Incarnam , keep completing the Incarnam Dungeon or fight the Gobball War Chief .
* Field Dungeon : If you can find a right sized group.

Level 21 - 30

Free To Play

* Crackrocks
* Sick Grossewer Rats
* Boars , Prespics , Miliboowolfs

Level 31 - 40

Free To Play

* Crackrocks , Chafers (-1, -25), or if both are really crowded do Boars , Prespics , Miliboowolf .
* Field Dungeon

Level 41 - 60

Free To Play

* From now on, Chafers and Crackrocks are your only source of XP

Level 61 - 80

Free To Play

* At this point you really should subscribe and leave Astrub.

More info from the GAMERCE COMMUNITY