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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[Guide] Monster Land (TP) Lvl50+

Since hitting level 50, I kinda have a hard time doing Monster Land TP solo. Thanks to Zanthax of Skyripper, TP will now be much easier. You can his original post from here.

First of all, we all know that we can't go into the Monster Land (TB/The Beginning) after we reached level 50. It's quite easy to solo in TB, but it is not easy to solo in TP. This is because there are many traps and tricks that make it harder. Even in party, it will be pain if you don't know the tricks. You also can do it solo if u have enough Attack & Defence.


3-6 members.. more members will deal more damage, make it quicker to finish.

Solo: (if you can't find party or want to try solo)

Physical/Magical Attack: more than 2k
Physical & Magical Defend: more than 1.3k
Health Points (HP): more than 20k
Pet's Physical/Magical Attack:  more than 1k

Increase the Damage Per Second (DPS)
1) Socket Burning Gem to Wing and Spirit Orb: Damage over time - More +Fire stat will increase the burn damage
2) Teach your pet the Attacking skill like Iron Claw, Whisper, Sweep & Bloom.

I have an Archer Lvl54.. Phy Att 2.7k and Phy Def 1.9k.. with Fire 200, and pet's Att 1.2k with Sweep skill level 1.
I took 10-12 minutes per run. The instance time limit is 20 minutes.

Stage 1: 100% HP

For the first stage, you should need to alert when a Blood Butterfly will be summoned. This Butterfly will heal the Mighty Ape for 18k HP. So, KILL ON SIGHT!

Stage 2: 80% HP
At this stage, you need to focus on the Mighty Ape. When you see the Ape start to punching its chest, the Ape is casting a Meteor Storm. If you have been striked by the meteor, you will receive about 7k+ damage.

So, when the Ape punching its chest, find and hit the Icicle Trap nearby as fast as possible to stop the casting.

Stage 3: 60% HP
At this stage, the Ape will summon its clones that will deal the same damage. There will be 2 Blindfold Traps and a Revelation Trap nearby. Just hit the Revelation Trap to make all the clones to disappear.

DO NOT hit the Blindfold Trap. It will increase the damage of the Ape.

Stage 4: 40% HP
At this stage, there will be Flame Spirits, 2 Erosion Traps, and a Dazzle Trap. Avoid the Flame Spirit, because it will explode at you at deal a high damage. You just need to hit the Dazzle Trap. During this period, there will be some explosion released by the Ape under its feet. It will deal high damage to the nearby players.

I recommend to NOT set for Auto-Combat at this stage. If you hit the wrong traps (Erosion Traps), you will received more damage from the explosion.

Stage 5: 20% HP
This is the last and trickiest stage. The Ape will use some buffs with different effects. However, there are 5 traps will be appear nearby with different Elements of Nature. So, you need to hit the trap with element that opposite of the buff's element to destroy/overcome the buff's effect.

The buffs are:

Fire Strike: Increase the Ape's attack for 30sec.
Opposite Element: Water Element

Water Strike: Increase the Ape's dodge for 30sec.
Opposite Element: Earth Element

Earth Strike: Increase the Ape's defend for 30sec.
Opposite Element: Wood Element

Wood Strike: Make the Ape to invisible for 30sec.
Opposite Element: Gold Element

Gold Strike: Reflect the damage received by Ape for 30sec.
Opposite Element: Fire Element

The buffs that you need to pay attention on are the WOOD STRIKE and GOLD STRIKE. This two buffs will cause the delay of time because you need to wait for 30sec for the effect to stop. So just hit the Gold Element Trap if the Ape is invisible, and hit the Fire Element Trap if the Ape using the reflect buff.

If you hit the correct opposite element trap, the Ape will be dazed/stunned for 10sec. However, if you hit the wrong opposite element trap, you will be dazed/stunned for 10sec.

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