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Friday, April 12, 2013

Levelving Guide: Exp

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In Angels Wrath, you can enter instances once you reach L30.
For experience, there are: L30 Stairs of the Firmament, L33 Nüwa's Trial and L56.
Please also know that the instance experience is not always the same. A L40 player and a L30 player playing the same instance will gain different experiences.
Skyripper Screenshot
  1. Use the Superior Exp Scroll to gain 2*Exp, and make 4000 points turn 8000.
  2. VIPs can enjoy the Exp Buff for defeating monsters all day. The higher the VIP level, the bigger the Buff.
Once you start using a Superior Exp Scroll, you won't be able to pause its effects for a better time, so use when you have plenty of time to make the best of it, finish all the instances available and go to VIP auto-combat map.
Skyripper Screenshot
Other instances: Level 25 Trial of the Six Realms, Level 34 Land of Fairy Monsters and Level 32 Northern Skygate
Although these three instances don't reward as much experience as the instances mentioned earlier, they do reward a bountiful. So if you have time, finish these instances too and obtain experience plus pet, Orb and Upgrading Materials.

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